invisalign treatment


Dr. Krainov is a certified provider for Invisalign braces, and he can help any patient get the straight, beautiful smile they are looking for, without the use of metal braces. Although metal braces have worked well in the past, many patients do not like the fact that they are easily visible to others. Invisalign braces are available at Denta Dental. The braces are nearly invisible and can be fitted on anyone. We are currently serving South Brooklyn and we can help you get your beautiful smile by using Invisalign.



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Explain How Invisalign Works

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment in which several clear aligners are designed specifically to fit the person wearing it, in order to straighten out their teeth. The patient will be provided with these aligners and will wear one at a time, and move on to the other aligners over time. Use of these aligners will help to give the necessary pressure needed in order to properly straighten out your teeth. Invisalign braces are prepared for the person who is getting them fitted, by using computer imaging. Bite impressions of your teeth are taken  so the Invisalign aligners can be specified to your teeth only, this way they are effective when worn.

Here at Denta Dental, serving the South Brooklyn area, you’ll be monitored over a period of time so we can be sure that your Invisalign braces are working as intended. Our continuous monitoring guarantees that you get the best possible results from the braces. The aligners are molded to custom fit your teeth, and they are placed snugly onto your teeth. Invisalign braces are hardly visible to others who are around you, unless you let them know.

Invisalign braces are removable, but must be worn all the time, unless you’re eating a meal. When you choose to eat a meal, you can easily remove the braces and eat. Then you can brush your teeth afterward, and put the braces back in place. This makes it much easier when it comes to hygiene, compared to the old traditional metal braces. The amount of aligners that you may need, depends solely on the structure of your teeth, and you should expect to keep the braces on as long as traditional metal braces.

The best benefits of Invisalign braces is the fact that they are nearly invisible, and not easily noticeable to others. Because braces are normally something people associate with being an adolescent, adults who wear them, prefer them to be invisible  to avoid possible embarrassment. The patients that come to Dr. Yuri Krainov who serves South Brooklyn area, usually choose Invisalign braces. These patients would rather forgo braces if they have to use metal material. Invisalign has greatly helped those who see metal braces as embarrassing and offers them a way to get the orthodontic treatment they need.

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