Once upon a time once you lost a permanent tooth it was gone, but modern inventions have led to the creation of dental implants that are the best solution for filling any holes in your mouth. A qualified dental surgeon should have no problem offering dental implants or restoration of dental implants because over time they need retouched just like a tooth might. Most dentists will offer the entire implant process from molding the replica tooth to placing it into the mouth. Having both services in one office saves patients the trouble of traveling back and forth from a dentist to an oral surgeon.

It used to be that if you lost a tooth due to gum disease, decay, or a sudden injury you could only choose fixed bridges or removable dentures to fill the gap. Of course, you would have to wait until you lost more teeth to take advantage of these options so you would have to live with a gap or pull more teeth out. However, dental implants are now able to fill any gap and allow you to live your life with a full set of teeth that you do not even have to think twice about. Even better, you can still enjoy all types of food with implants because the implant is screwed firmly down in the jaw and will not become dislodged.

What is a Dental Implant?

If you are considering a dental implant, it might be useful to learn how it works. The actual implant sits on a titanium post that is surgically inserted deep down into the jaw. A replacement tooth is then screwed into the post. The titanium post is placed deep into the bone tissue in the jaw and over time osseointegration occurs. This means that the jawbone and the titanium bond to each other as the bone slowly grows around the implant base. This allows the dental implant to become as firm as your original tooth in the gum line and makes it the strongest way to replace a tooth.

The Benefits of Implant Dentistry

The fact that the dental implant is so strong is just one reason it is the preferred dental solution if you have missing teeth. Other benefits include the fact that dental implants are stable and reliable. They are also incredibly easy to maintain since all that needs to be done is regular brushing along with your other teeth. Plus, since the implant is placed into the jaw gum recession and bone loss from a missing tooth will not occur.

Therefore, you get the benefits of dental implants and avoid some of the problems that are associated with losing a tooth. Plus, a dental implant will never slip or slide out of place helping to prevent some embarrassing situations that can occur with dentures. In addition, they do not require cleaning and maintenance like dentures allowing those who have them to relax. In most cases, people forget that they even have an implant a few weeks after it is put in place because it feels so natural in the mouth and requires little effort.