Highest Quality Restorative Dentistry


Restorative Dentistry in our office includes: Dental Fillings, Crowns & Fixed Bridges, Removable Dentures, Dental Veneers & Inlays, Onlays, Dental Implants and Root Canal Therapy



Dental Fillings:


We use tooth colored fillings utilizing the modern achievements in dentistry. The placing of modern composites allows the tooth to be as close as possible to its original shape. Modern dental composites bonds to the tooth cavity surface. Amalgam fillings has been replaced with these composite materials as we believe that amalgam fillings are not bio-compatible. Amalgam also contains mercury, a toxic element that has effects on the entire body.





Inlays, Onlays


We use inlays and onlays made by laboratory of a solid material (gold, porcelain or composite resin) fitted to a cavity in a tooth and cemented into place. Inlays and onlays are stronger and more lasting option compare to regular dental fillings.



Dental Implants




We use small titanium screw that serves as the replacement for the root portion of a missing natural tooth. Dental implants procedure is easy and painless. Dental implants can be used for replacing single or multiple missing teeth.



Root Canal Therapy



We use endodontic therapy or root canal therapy for treatment of infected tooth to eliminate infection and protect tooth from future microbial invasion. Root canals and their pulp chamber are the space inside a tooth that are normally filled by nerve tissue and blood vessels. Endodontic therapy involves the removal of these tissues and infection, following by shaping, cleaning, and decontamination of these spaces with small files and irrigating solutions, then filling of the canals with materials such as gutta-percha.






Complete or partial dentures can replace your missing teeth and give you the confidence to smile. Dentures can be used to replace teeth that have been lost due to trauma, decay, or gum disease. It is important to replace missing teeth, not only because teeth help with eating food, but because they help support the facial muscles and are critical for speech.



Dental Crowns:



When a tooth is badly damaged, dental crowns at our Denta Dental office can help preserve tooth structure, restore tooth strength, and eliminate discomfort. Our experienced cosmetic and restorative dentist, Dr. Yuri Krainov, utilizes naturally looking porcelain material to fabricate dental crowns with the most aesthetically pleasing possible results.

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