porcelain dental crowns




There a several ways in cosmetic and restorative dentistry to restore a damaged tooth. When the damage or decay is not severe one of the best options is a porcelain dental crown.



Why Porcelain Dental Crowns?

A porcelain dental crown is a molded and fitted cap that covers a damaged tooth entirely. A damaged tooth can be brittle, sensitive and painful. At Denta Dental, Dr. Yuri Krainov uses only the most modern and comfortable cosmetic and restorative dental procedures to alleviate tooth pain and brittleness while restoring confidence in your smile. Our top grade porcelain dental crown molds will provide you with a crown that feels natural and looks original. If you find yourself in need of a porcelain dental crown, we invite you to our office in Flatbush location where we assure you a comfortable and smile-worthy result.

If you feel a porcelain dental crown would help you with a damaged tooth, or you would like a professional consultation about other cosmetic and restorative dental practices we provide, then contact us at our Ditmas Ave location today. Our professional and courteous staff will help you determine if porcelain dental crowns are the answer your are looking for.


How Will A Porcelain Dental Crown Protect My Teeth?


Teeth do not heal themselves. When you have a tooth damaged by decay, chipping or physical damage, that tooth remains at risk for continued decay and damage. Left untreated a damaged tooth can result in painful chewing, temperature sensitivity and eventually total loss of the tooth. A porcelain dental crown is the best way to halt any further damage to your tooth. Once in place the fitted porcelain dental crown will prevent pain and sensitivity while providing a stable chewing platform and barrier versus decay. Your new porcelain dental crown will also give you renewed confidence in your smile. Our team of doctors and certified hygienists will fully analyze your dental needs and determine if porcelain dental crowns will provide you with the desired results.


Porcelain Dental Crown And What To Expect at Dr. Yuri Krainov’s Dental Office


Two office visits are required to successfully place your porcelain dental crown. Your first visit will consist of Dr. Yuri Krainov preparing your tooth to receive the porcelain dental crown by removing a thin layer of enamel. Once the tooth is prepped, we fabricate a plaster mold of the tooth. Prior to your second visit we will craft your crown. During your final visit our staff will place and cement your new crown.


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