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We all know that attaining the perfect smile is an investment, and at Dr. Yuri Krainov’s practice, our aim is to deliver results that make the investment worth your while. At our practice, Dr. Yuri Krainov uses Inlays and Onlays in order to rejuvenate and restore your precious smile. Our dental services eliminate decay and protect your teeth for years.

Each of our available materials, gold and porcelain, work to instill durability that will serve your teeth for a very long time. Additionally, the porcelain variety is beneficial in that it is close to invisible when installed.

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About Inlays at Dr Yuri Krainov’s office


At Denta Dental, we use dental inlays to treat decay within the indentations between the teeth. Although, we offer you the options of either gold or porcelain material, many of our guests often opt for the porcelain variety due to its natural appearance. This is a nice alternative to regular metal fillings. The beauty of this dental service is that it is custom fit to the tooth’s surface. The resulting bond generates a concrete structure and prevents decay from prevailing yet again.

About Onlays at Dr. Yuri Krainov’s office

Both of these dental services are similar in that they work to preserve, strengthen, and protect your teeth. The difference, however, is that onlays attack the daring decay that has managed to disburse far beyond the indentations of a tooth’s pointed cusps. This pesky decay has managed to actually impact the actual cusps of the teeth, and not just the indentations. They are also offered in the gold and porcelain varieties.

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Now that you are a bit more informed about the nature of our services, it is time for you to take the next steps towards a healthier smile, and we are here to guide you along through the process. Should you have anymore questions, feel free to contact Dr. Yuri Krainov today in order to see if our inlays and onlays services would be a good fit for you. The practice of Yuri Krainov D.D.S. is more than happy to assist you in your decision.